I’m not Martha Stewart. No,  really. I don’t like cooking all that much. I hate the time it takes to prep and clean. As mealtimes or planning for atrip to the grocery store approaches, I tend to feel a sense of anxiety/desperation because I truly despise the process most of the time. However, I do enjoy eating delicious food that Most especially made by me.  :)I don’t know how to knit. Or sew. I don’t do crafts.I don’t do calligraphy. I can’t write straight without lines to save my life.I don’t keep an ultra clean home. I LOVE an ultra clean home. Almost nothing makes me happier. But it’s the keeping it clean part where there seems to be a disconnect. I think this point (and the cooking one) have directly to do with my personality type. Everything I’ve read about  tells me we have lots of trouble with the trivial drudgery of everyday life. Oh, and apparently we suck at follow through. But we’re SUCH nice people. 🙂 I have a piano at my home before but I never play. I quit my lessons around age 15, and I regret that all the time. I don’t have a particularly unique sense of style. choosing outfits that are “blog worthy” stresses me out. I’m oh-so-painfully normal. I chew ice, love rap, don’t always keep my fingernails perfectly manicured and painted have a real penchant for spilling/splattering/dripping something greasy or permanently staining on new/expensive clothes (often on the very firstwear), hate running, and like to leave spiders in the corners because they eat other bugs. That’s like built-in pest control, right? And free?

But. I’m really good at making people feel comfortable and accepted and admired. I’m really good at empathy. Putting myself in others’ shoes. I’m really good at communication and diplomacy. I can smooth over a rough situation with relative ease, because I’m good at words. I’m really good at putting my mind to something and getting it done (obviously I just don’t put my mind to the points mentioned above).  I work really hard at things I’m passionate about. I’m exceedingly loyal, and I will fight for people I love. I have an excellent sense of humor and positive attitude. I see life in photographs. The glass is always half full. (unless I’m PMSing. Then the glass is stupid and I hate the glass and its contents and also my life and you are probably bothering me.) If someone says something and I’m not sure what they meant by it, I assume they meant the best. I see both sides of every story, to a fault. I have trouble taking a strong position on anything because of it, but I’m OK with that. And I think it’s good…. it’s all good. Not sewing, not being perfectly stylish, being kind, thinking about how others might feel, expecting the best from people. It’s all just a part of who I am. Some of the negatives I’ll work on. The positives I’ll be proud of

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. We are who we are.

And that’s my ” PART OF WHO I AM”

YOU’RE BEING LOVED, Don’t Give up!

Many times we wish and wish for the right person to come into our lives. We don’t seem to understand why it’s not working out with others. We end up in toxic,  unloving relationships, and deep down know something better is out there.

The challenge is, when something better does come along, to not run away.

After years of disappointment,  heart break and unhappy endings, it can be very easy to close down on real love. No matter what, don’t’ let that happen!

Remember, strength in the muscles of your body is created by your muscles being ripped apart,  and then rebuilt. Your heart and your emotional intelligence and fitness operate the same way. It is easy to close down after you’ve been hurt

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. It’s easy to throw a wrench into real love when it comes. I understand it’s scary, but WHO CARES

Move forward in spite of your fear. Move forward INTO the scariness of it all. Be courageous. Don’t let fear win. OPEN UP anyway. The risk of not opening, in the end, is far worse than the risk of opening.

Don’t let love pass you by. Don’t let fear win.

NO! Instead, let love win. Open up, even when, you are afraid. Open up, even when you are scared of getting hurt. Open up, even when you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Listen to me: LOVE WILL PASS YOU BY if you always choose the safe path.

I am not suggesting that you open up to the first person who comes along. No. I am not suggesting that at all. I am suggesting that when you have a connection with someone, when you feel it, when you are so scared of how much you feel it, go in the opposite direction of your fear. Do not be afraid of the love you feel.

KNOW THIS: The right person will meet you. The right person will show up. But they can’t if you don’t open.

Learn to value openness and rebuilding your heart more than safety. Don’t let the wounds of the past create a wounded future. No. It can be different. Love can be yours. But first you must be open to it. Learn how to be more loving from your past pain, not how to be more closed.

Don’t give up on love, no, give IN TO love!