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My favorite moments with my dad were our late night talks,… about life, everything and anything, our TV/movie  marathons how he would love to go on trips, how we would have a lot of food trips, when he would make me lambing, how he would be so goofy and full of life, and before he would take me out on dates, there are too many, all the moments I was able to have with my dad are now my favorite, even if it was just lying down next to him. the list can go on and on…

I will never forget any of those moments. my kids will have a lot of stories to hear about how amazing my dad was.

I’m gonna miss him so much, his cheery ” Good mornings” his memorable 1960’s lullaby, singing to him, our one on one talking sessions at the balcony, his spontainety, how he would always support me, ( even when I didn’t have enough confidence) how he would encourage me, I will miss how he would know my mood by just looking at me because he knew me the best (even if I never admitted it), I’m gonna miss his comforting words, his inspiring words, his words of wisdom, his advice. I’m gonna miss his comments on Facebook. seeing his post… im gonna miss his smile, his laugh, his jokes, his Amazing BIG personality, his hugs, and how he would always be there to listen, I’m gonna miss everything.

I told him that I will be okay, and not to worry anymore,…. and I will. I will be okay,… I will do everything he wanted me to do. I just thank god for giving him to me as my father. I thank god for the years I was able to have with him. there are still too many moments I wanted to experience with him,… but I know he’s in the most perfect place now, he’s at peace. no more pain, no more hurt, no more suffering, no more sadness, he is free.

So thank you dad for doing the bestest job raising me, for being so so patient with me, for giving me all I need, for always doing what’s best for me, for making sure I am happy, for teaching me so many important lessons, for correcting me, for being so thoughtful,  for your kind words, for your comfort, for being strong and for continuing  to fight even if it was hard. and thank you for your love, I can’t thank you enough. you are an inspiration to all so many people and I am proud to call you my DAD. you will always be my dad, and like I said, I will always be your baby,,..I hope I made you proud. I love you I will never ever forget you…

MAMA… That’s the first word we usually learned to say when we are a child. How can we define MAMA…. well, actually many ways and terms to define mama… but for me being a mother is a choice, giving your life to your family,  husband, kids, friends and to others is a responsibility. As I observe the daily routine most of the dedicated mothers, waking up early to go to the market prepare breakfast, assisting the child specially school days, preparing the needs of their husband, then when mother is all alone, clean the house, wash the clothes, clean the dishes, fixing some stuff , making sure that everything is beautiful. then when her kids and husband arrive, preparing their needs, but the most touching part is when a mother is there asking you “how’s your day anak? kumusta school? kumusta friends? may assignment ba? and to their husband,  kumusta ang asawa ko, kumusta ang trabaho? napagod ba? gusto mo ng masahe?

Your mother is your number 1 supporter..

your mother is your number 1 fan…

your mother is the only friend who can understand you.. who can accept you and who is always willing to listen to whatever stories you have.

but have you said,  MOM thank you for the breakfast, thank you for the money, thank you for the sandwich. have you appreciated her like ” hey mom, you look good today, or ma, sarap ng luto mo, o kaya naman, nay, salamat po sa paglinis ng kwarto ko’ simple but you know, if you appreciate them, they will feel that you treasured them.. its never been too late..

to all  dedicated mothers in the world, we know how hard it is, to be a mom. waking up so early in the morning to prepare breakfast, to take care of your family, to cook, to clean the house, to teach us, to cry with us, to protect us into everything. I salute to all the moms in the world.







I’m not Martha Stewart.

No,  really.

I don’t like cooking all that much. I hate the time it takes to prep and clean. As mealtimes or planning for a
trip to the grocery store approaches, I tend to feel a sense of anxiety/desperation because I truly despise the process

most of the time. However, I do enjoy eating delicious food that Most especially made by me.  🙂

I don’t know how to knit. Or sew.

I don’t do crafts.

I don’t do calligraphy. I can’t write straight without lines to save my life.

I don’t keep an ultra clean home. I LOVE an ultra clean
home. Almost nothing makes me happier. But it’s the keeping it clean part where
there seems to be a disconnect. I think this point (and the cooking one) have
directly to do with my personality type. Everything I’ve read about  tells me we
have lots of trouble with the trivial drudgery of everyday life. Oh, and
apparently we suck at follow through. But we’re SUCH nice people. 🙂

I have a piano at my home before but I never play. I quit my
lessons around age 15, and I regret that all the time.

I don’t have a particularly unique sense of style. choosing outfits that are “blog worthy” stresses me out.

I’m oh-so-painfully normal.

I chew ice, love rap, don’t always keep my fingernails perfectly manicured and painted
have a real penchant for spilling/splattering/dripping something
greasy or permanently staining on new/expensive clothes (often on the very first
wear), hate running, and like to leave spiders in the corners because they eat
other bugs. That’s like built-in pest control, right? And


I’m really good at making people feel comfortable and
accepted and admired. I’m really good at empathy. Putting myself in others’
shoes. I’m really good at communication and diplomacy. I can smooth over a rough
situation with relative ease, because I’m good at words. I’m really good at
putting my mind to something and getting it done (obviously I just don’t put my
mind to the points mentioned above).  I work really hard at things I’m
passionate about. I’m exceedingly loyal, and I will fight for people I love. I
have an excellent sense of humor and positive attitude. I see life in
photographs. The glass is always half full. (unless I’m PMSing. Then the glass
is stupid and I hate the glass and its contents and also my life and you are
probably bothering me.) If someone says something and I’m not sure what they
meant by it, I assume they meant the best. I see both sides of every story, to a
fault. I have trouble taking a strong position on anything because of it, but
I’m OK with that.

And I think it’s good…. it’s all good. Not sewing,
not being perfectly stylish, being kind, thinking about how
others might feel, expecting the best from people. It’s all just a part of who I
am. Some of the negatives I’ll work on. The positives I’ll be proud of. We are
who we are.

And that’s my ” PART OF WHO I AM”

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March 23, best cialis pharm 2014 at 2:18pm
(my year end note)

 2013 was not my year. lot of failures,  pains,  hatreds, surprises, revelations, not only personally but to the whole country. I thought it would be a great year, but it did not happened as I the year ended last 31st of December, I made the decision to move on and look forward to the coming year.  forgiving those people who had offended me, who made me cry and hurt  me is easy, but forgetting may take a lot of time. maybe weeks, months, years, I don’t know, for now, what I know, I have to save myself to gain back my self worth.

looking back to what happened in 2013 it makes me wanna scream, really! but what else can I do. as I forgive others, I have to forgive also myself, for I let myself hurt and made the wrong decisions. for this year, no new year’s resolution, but i’ll try my best to upgrade my maturity.

thank you for the people I knew and became part of my the bitches who ruined my happiness you know who the hell you are, I raise my middle finger for you! 🙂 to my detractors! it’s okay. push it more!:) i’ll make sure you whatever happens I can still whip my hair and say, now what! :)all of you were the reasons why I am stronger (i have to)the year has ended, so I also have to end the false hopes and promises for the future!

now 2014 be good to me. 😀 new year, new life, new challenges, new dreams! better career, better person, wiser and stronger but nicer! 😀 God, take over!! Thank You  for what You have done and for all that You are going to do!

2014, LET’S GET IT ON! 🙂